A Comic by Jason Czaplicki and Brad Krause

The Story

The Story

It is a time of entropy. Inundated by chaos, the remnants of those who still draw breath are set adrift in a world that is ebbing backwards toward a primordial place, one of shades and superstition, a place where science and technology mistakes itself for magic. Even the dead have found themselves unable to shed their link to the mortal realm, where solace is only found in the sleep of the living.

Some semblance of order struggles on. There are still cities to be found. There are those who maintain the old traditions for good or ill, and there are even some who claim to see ships in the skies, a reflection of a time thought long past.

A few still speak of invisible gods and the mad ramblings of prophets whose voices emerge from deep within the earth, though many have come to accept that power and control is the only true purpose left in this grave world.

The Characters

Pudmay Tamberlee

Jum Tamberlee

Tunya Tamberlee

Calvin Diggins


Spending her whole life growing up in Holy Rollers Cemetery, Pudmay has mostly experienced the outside world through the old books her family has collected over the years. Boisterous and outspoken, Pudmay has a tenacity that would get her into trouble, if there was much trouble to get into in her quaint cemetery. With both her parents deceased, Pudmay is now the only living person left in Holy Rollers Cemetery. Father of Pudmay and husband of Tunya, Jum had spent his whole childhood growing up in Holly Rollers in much the same manner as Pudmay. At one point he had thought he would die their alone, but one day  Tunya followed him home from Deymur and a year later they were wed. Years later Jum would die in a freak accident involving a tombstone and a loose bit of dirt by the hole he had just dug. Growing up in the city never appealed to Tunya, and when Governor Klaus II was elected, it appealed to her even less. Before Grave Keepers were banned from the city, Jum had visited the city for supplies when Tunya first saw him, and his easygoing nature drew her in and she followed him home. She immediately fell in love with his cemetery, and while she gave Jum a good fright when she first introduced herself, they both quickly fell in love with one another. Unfortunately, when Pudmay was only 8 years old, Tunya died in a plague. The Diggins family used to own the adjacent cemetery, but the entire family died in the same plague that took Tunya. Calvin was their youngest son, and a playmate of Pudmay. One of the games they used to play was collecting candy wrappers, most of which were remnants of a world long passed. It’s quite amazing how all that old trash is still around, but nevertheless one man’s trash is another lad’s treasure. Leader of the band of necro-addicts, Nasha was once a resident of Deymur, but got hooked on afterlife. Like many youths, she was drawn to the world outside Deymur where afterlife was in abundance. Now her gang of roaming necro-addicts travel from graveyard to graveyard, seeking their next high, and in general screwing with the few travelers left in the countryside.
Jason Czaplicki

Jason Czaplicki has always been passionate about writing and story telling. In 2012 he published his first novel, Office Hacks, a satirical novel about a retail store that has a magical realm attached to it. In 2015 he left his day job to further pursue his writing career, and now utilizes the gig economy to help him earn money and give him more time to work on his craft.

In 2016 and 2017 Jason took classes with Comics Experience to further increase his knowledge about the comic book craft. Through Comics Experience he took comic scripting classes with Andy Schmidt, the owner of Comics Experience and a former editor for Marvel. He took Management and editorial classes with Nicole Boose, former editor for Mark Millar. He also attended Master Seminars with comic legends such as Brian Michael Bendis.

Jason’s goal as a comic writer is to create new and original content that is satisfying on an artistic and intellectual level, and enjoys creating content that is both humorous and insightful.

Brad Krause

Brad Krause has been a working professional artist since 1990. he has worked as a graphic designer, animation and motion graphic artist, 3d animator and digital & traditional illustrator.

He is passionate about creating traditional art with his hands rather than with a computer because it brings him back to the original artistic motivations, when he started doing art in his teens.

Still, a guy’s got to make a living. So, while he is learning how to be as good an artist as his heroes (Wrightson, Golden, Windsow-Smith, Stevens, Schults, Holmes, Corben), he is still making motion graphics, 3d and traditional animation, graphic design and digital illustration for professional clients like Briggs & Stratton engines, G. E. Medical and others.

He has a BFA in graphic design from U. W. Eau Claire, and in addition Brad Krause applies many self-taught techniques to his formal repertoire. In addition to comics, he creates large oil paintings, meticulous pencil illustrations, portraits and book covers.

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